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Welsh UFO sightings from 1880. For sightings from different years please click on HERE.

All of the circumstances I have discovered for 1880 revolve across the alleged Marian apparitions at Llanthony Monastery. To grasp why those have been instantly considered as suspect you want a little bit of context: Llanthony Monastery used to be run as a quasi-Benedictine Order beneath Father Ignatius, a widely recognized non secular eccentric who were barred from preaching in London and compelled from his curacy. His previous try to eastablish a Monastery at Elm Hill in Norwich had led to crisis, with Ignatius – Joseph Leycester Lyne (b. 1837) – owing cash far and wide and the individuals of the Order in more than a few ranges of shame. Brother Stanislaus absconded with a fifteen 12 months outdated boy named Francis George Nobbs who “used to be reported to have affirmed that no longer simplest had the Awesome [Ignatius] been acutely aware of their degeneracy, however that he had condoned and inspired it, by means of functioning on their behalf, and in his personal church, a rite which in itself used to be blasphemy and sacrilege of essentially the most revolting sort.”

The choir grasp, Brother Augustine, disappeared after his love letter to every other 15-year-old boy, Samuel Hase, used to be discovered by means of the boy’s mom and published within the native newspaper. (“Once in a while on Sundays you may have sat for your cassock and cotta having a look so like an angel I can have worshipped you. … Morning, midday, and night time, not anything haunts me however your candy darling face; in my very goals I see it; in a phrase, I’m infatuated and wretched and want now and again I had by no means noticed you. I think I may just clasp you in my fingers and not spread them while I appeared into the depths of the ones candy eyes.”) By the point Ignatius established Llanthony Monastery in a barn at Capel-y-Ffin in 1869 he, and his unsanctioned non secular order, have been notorious. In Might 1880 the South Wales Information reported that Ignatius used to be seeking to elevate £60,000 to recreate the grand Llanthony Abbey church. It may well be noticed as quite opportune that the root for an annual pilgrimage tournament must quickly provide itself…

Thursday August thirtieth

Within the morning at c. 9:30am 20-year-old Brother Dunstan used to be kneeling at a prayer table within the church noticed a ‘ghostly sacrament’. (‘when he noticed the monstrance containing the Host seem at the altar in entrance of the tabernacle door.’) He concluded it will have to be some roughly optical phantasm. Later that morning Janet Owens, a c. 50-year-old lay sister and schoolmistress from Hay, had the similar revel in however idea the Sacrament will have to were intentionally ignored for some reason why. When her watch completed at 11:00 she requested Brother Dunstan why the Sacrament used to be out, inflicting him to grasp it were no phantasm.

Cardiff Times, 02/09/1905

Later that night time, at game time following Vespers, 4 younger acolytes have been enjoying at the adjacent ‘Abbot’s meadow’ when at simply long past 8 they claimed to have noticed the Virgin Mary stroll in opposition to them and disappear right into a hedge. The 4 boys have been Daniel Maguire (15 and part, son of a neighbouring famer), John Evelyn Stewart (12 and part, of Sheffield), Thomas Foord (11, of Brighton), and Joseph Chalkley (9, of London).

South Wales Daily News, 13/09/1880

The lads wrote letters confirming what they’d noticed:

Johnny Stewart, probably the most boys, attended the 1881 annual commemoration and Ignatius preached:

“As within the olden time, when God sought after a prophet, and selected one in little Samuel, he had now selected one on this position in Johnny Stewart, the boy who sat prior to him, who used to be a witness of the apparition of the Blessed Virgin, and who, due to this fact, posseted the proof that the agnostics desired. And, so, when God sought after to talk to the atheists of Franoe, he selected a witness in a little bit woman about 11 years of age. Why this used to be so shall we no longer decide, however God knew his personal industry very best. There used to be not anything explicit about that boy that he knew of for which he must be selected by means of God as a witness except for that he used to be a monastery boy, all the time turning his center in opposition to God, however in a wholesome way of thinking and frame. The visions may well be no fancy of his, for it used to be noticed by means of 8 witnesses—by means of himself (Father Ignatius) amongst them.”

Saturday September 4th

Individuals of the neighborhood congregated close to the hedge the place a imaginative and prescient of the Virgin Mary were noticed on August thirtieth and sang Ave Maria. The Virgin once more seemed, this time accompanied by means of “a person unclothed save for a material across the loins.” The couple then vanished.

Later a potion used to be ready from the leaves of a rhubarb plant rising at this level of the hedge which used to be mentioned in an effort to heal more than a few ills.

Wednesday September eighth

Brother George mentioned “I’ve noticed the determine distinctly two times on the opening of the hedge.” Sister Janet Owens mentioned “I’ve noticed the determine, too, distinctly over the fairway gates.” Brother George’s shouting alerted Brother Dunstan who used to be trimming the lamps for Compline. Dunstan informed newspaper newshounds (South Wales Day-to-day Information, 31/08/1882)

“I then appeared and noticed it in a precise line with the place I had noticed it at the earlier Saturday night time. We knelt in about the similar position as prior to. It used to be very darkish. The hedge used to be totally darkish. Every so often while we have been making a song a vivid famous person would twinkle within the hedge, after which fall to the bottom. We persisted making a song aves. I noticed shadowy figures passing backward and forward within the hedge. The sunshine used to be very faded, no longer vivid in any respect. This stored in for a very long time. The grass used to be lit up in entrance of me. I had a headache. One thing touched my head, and the headache used to be long past. As on Sunday night time, the grass used to be dry the place we knelt, however rainy all over else. I noticed the hedge lit up at the following Saturday night time however I may just no longer move out.”

Brother George added: “Being very apprehensive to look the imaginative and prescient, I went into the meadow with Brother Dunstan and the men. We sang an ave. I noticed a mild; it used to be very vivid. It gave the impression to fill the bush. There have been a number of lighting; some burst in the midst of the hedge, some above it. I noticed two figures, female and male. The feminine determine used to be draped in white; the male had waht looked to be a material around the loins. The male determine held out its arms; the feminine determine had its arms crossed at the breast. I may just no longer see the options of both. The male jogged my memory of the image of our Lord in His baptism; the feminine of art work of the Blessed Virgin. The male determine complicated in opposition to the feminine determine, and as they met they vanished.”

September fifteenth

4 other folks noticed “the entire heavens and mountains spoil forth in bulging circles of sunshine, circles pushing out from circles – the sunshine poured upon our faces and the structures the place we stood, and within the central circle stood a maximum Majestic Heavenly Shape, robed in flowing material. The Shape used to be gigantic, however appeared to be decreased to human dimension because it approached. The Determine stood sideways, going through the Holy Bush. The Imaginative and prescient used to be maximum distinct and the main points have been very transparent; nevertheless it used to be long past ‘within the short while’. … A couple of mins after this Mr. E from Oxford and probably the most boys, noticed the shadowy type of the Blessed Virgin in mild, by means of the enclosure gate with uplifted arms. That is the closing of the visions vouchsafed by means of God’s mercy to us.”

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