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The quarterback utilised to be regarded as the weakest of all the players on the industry, but the modern-day quarterback, like so quite a few other athletes is a unique breed. The have to have to make muscle, strength and power are a lot more crucial now than ever and so gamers and coaches alike are adopting excess weight schooling programs to help quarterbacks get larger and enjoy better.

On the other hand, a lot of folks are involved about the impact that quarterback weight coaching courses can have on their general general performance, and this is specifically real of the quarterback who relies on their throwing arm. Can weight training for quarterbacks decrease arm overall flexibility and make throwing extra tricky?

Under are 3 teaching solutions that you should really integrate in to your quarterback fat teaching plan to see most gains that will never jeopardize your sport engage in.

Energy and Ability

The essential to making energy and electricity and gaining muscle mass in your quarterback fat training system is to lift major on small volume (i.e. small rep quantities). Preferably you really should aim for all around 4 sets of 6-8 reps for every training, with a aim on lifting as major as attainable.

This theory of “progressive overload” is the method bodybuilders use to pack on muscle mass definitely rapidly.

Make absolutely sure you carry out compound workout routines like Squats and Bench Press which will give you far better all round muscular power and features, allowing you to throw further and stand up to much better opponents.

It is also better to use free weights where ever probable, due to the fact these give you a superior range of motion and function the smaller stabilising muscle groups, which will include to the effectiveness of your throwing arm, fairly than hamper it.

Speed and Agility

Improving your pace and agility will make a large authentic-earth distinction to your video game enjoy. To do this you want to target on physical exercises bodyweight routines even though sporting some variety of weights – ankle weights, wrist weights and a weighted vest are outstanding at including further stages of resistance to your exercise routines, without the need of slowing you down far too a lot.

Bodyweight workouts like push-ups, chin-ups, squat jumps and burpees are great for the quarterback looking to boost pace and agility.


The important to starting to be additional explosive is shifting the tempo of your physical exercises. Your quarterback bodyweight education software need to incorporate routines in which you integrate a 1:3 ratio in your exercises.

For illustration, in the bench push the part wherever you decreased the bar toward your upper body is the “3” part of the exercise and ought to be sluggish, then the up section of the workout should really be explosive and this is the “1” section. Correctly, the down must be 3 moments lengthier than the up.

To do this successfully you can expect to want to use a fat that problems you but is not as heavy as when you are concentrated on making muscle and energy. This variety of teaching will make improvements to your 40yd time, and give you the excess turbo you require to get all-around and dodge opponents.