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For those who’re purchasing for a in reality distinctive diamond engagement ring, 5.5. carat diamond rings can also be a very good selection. Now not most effective do those gemstones glance pleasant, however they’re extraordinarily uncommon. Since they’re more difficult to search out, additionally they fall into the class of the costliest rings. Purchasing a 5.50 carat engagement ring is a substantial funding. Right here’s an in depth how-to that will help you make a selection the easiest one.

How Giant Is a 5.50 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

D3176 Winona 5 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring on finger

Moderate 5.5 carat diamond rings have a diameter of about 11mm. For comparability, it’s just about 0.4 inches of the common pencil’s width. When speaking about diamond rings, the time period “carat” has not anything to do with measurement however weight. Since 5 carats interprets to at least one gram, 5.50 carat engagement rings can rather vary size-wise but weigh the similar.

The 5.50 carat engagement ring includes a central diamond weighing a minimum of 5 carats. Its surrounding options range via ring design. Nonetheless, the hallmark accents of those rings are the precious stones, and their measurement is measured via analyzing their qualities.

5.5 Carat Diamond Dimension via Form

When purchasing for an ideal 5.50 carat engagement ring, you will have to measure its value via its weight class as an alternative of its measurement. Right here’s a chart explaining the ratio between more than a few diamond shapes and cuts and their dimensions.

Diamond minimize Dimensions Face-up measurement (in sq. mm)
Oval minimize  13.99mm x 9.25mm x 5.64mm  10,530 
Spherical shiny minimize  11.11 mm x 11.11mm x 6.7mm  9,695 
Emerald minimize  11.42mm x 8.46mm x 5.5mm  9,180 
Cushion minimize  9.96mm x 9.96mm x 6.37mm  8,930 
Pear minimize  15.45mm x 9.32mm x 5.69mm  10,525 
Marquise minimize  17.76mm x 8.88mm x 5.52mm  11,195 
Asscher minimize  9.6mm x 9.6mm x 6.24mm  8,480 

Whilst other cuts supply minor diversifications in measurement, this chart presentations you that they’re all roughly 100mm/1cm in measurement. Those measures cause them to above reasonable in share, that means they take in a big house of your finger. Since 5.5 carat diamond rings spotlight a unmarried stone, purchasing an engagement ring that includes further main points may make the minimize appear chunky.

On the other hand, if you select a smaller diamond, you’ll be able to make it seem to be greater via following a couple of pointers.

  • Select a suitable minimize: The minimize of the diamond determines its brilliance and glimmer. A diamond with higher mild capability will visually fortify the stone.
  • Some other issue influencing the sunshine efficiency of the rock is readability: Select an eye-clean diamond. Stones with upper clearness will replicate the sunshine from the interior, making the diamond appear bigger.
  • Make a choice a slim ring band: It’s a easy exchange in viewpoint that places center of attention at the diamond.
  • A 3-stone surroundings: Contrasting a unmarried greater stone with two smaller ones will visually fortify the dimensions of the principle stone.

How A lot Does a 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring Price?

25358 Cassel 5 carat Cushion Cut engagement Ring

For those who’re aiming to buy an ideal engagement ring to your particular anyone, opting for one from the 5.5 carat class might require a substantial funding. Because of their rarity, 5.5 carat diamond rings are a number of the most costly rings on the planet. All diamonds are priced in line with carat, and 5.5 carat diamond engagement rings vary from $40,000 to above $300,000.

Since discovering a well-cut 5.50ct diamond is amazingly uncommon, there’s at all times a seek for the “nearly” 5.5 carat diamond rings. The rarer they’re, the extra their reputation rises, and costs carry. Because of this it’s crucial to take into accounts other facets of diamonds when buying any such distinctive ring. On the other hand, the principle issue figuring out the 5.5 carat engagement ring’s value is the price of the central diamond. Ring distributors additionally imagine the dimensions of the person aspect stones in the event that they’re the entire identical high quality.

The cost of a 5.50ct diamond begins round $9,000 in line with carat when regarding Okay+ advert SI2 diamonds. Diamonds with awesome colour and readability grades have the next value in line with carat, which rises with their rarity. Weight classes additionally affect the cost vary, and their value will increase exponentially with the upper weight worth.

What to Search for in a 5.5 Carat Diamond Ring

D5406 Diamond Ring

The Gemological Institute of The usa (GIA) determines the price of diamonds via the established standards of The 4C’s: readability, minimize, colour, and carat. Whilst we’ve defined the that means of carat above, right here’s an additional rationalization of the opposite 3 diamond grading parts, which can permit you to perceive the chart underneath:

  • Readability: The readability of a 5.50ct diamond impacts its rarity and expense. The less tiny markings a diamond has, the extra obvious it’s. Flawless diamonds are the costliest, and VS2 is the easiest scale ranking for five.5 carat diamond rings. It offers it the enchantment of an eye-clean diamond with out a visual imperfections.
  • Colour: 5.50 carat diamond rings’ colour levels from H to G. H is regarded as the most efficient colour for those uncommon diamonds. G grade is the second-best select should you choose yellow-to-brown hues.
  • Lower: A diamond’s minimize is probably the most important side of diamond buying groceries. A well-cut 5.5 carat diamond ring directs extra mild throughout the stone, offering extra brilliance. When purchasing 5.5 carat diamond rings, a minimize determines the perceived measurement and design of the jewel. Learn extra concerning the 5.5ct diamond rings’ cuts additional within the article.

5.5 Carat Diamond Pricing Comparisons

11153 Sussex Cushion cut and French cut ruby halo diamond Engagement Ring

Now that you’ve got understood the rules of grading 5.5 carat diamond rings, right here’s a chart to lend a hand you in buying. Notice that the chart is in accordance with a 5-carat diamond rings’ readability ranges and colour. Costs might range via other cuts.

5-Carat Diamond Worth in line with Readability

Readability IF VVS1 VVS2 VS1 VS2 SI1 SI2
D $102,924 $80,529 $70,522 $63,851 $52,415 $35,261 $26,208
E $75,050 $68,400 $61,750 $57,000 $47,025 $32,775 $24,225
F $65,067 $60,352 $54,694 $50,451 $41,021 $29,705 $22,632
G $53,619 $49,823 $45,552 $42,231 $35,588 $26,572 $21,353
H $42,320 $38,991 $36,138 $33,285 $28,530 $21,873 $18,545
I $32,672 $30,304 $28,410 $26,516 $22,255 $18,467 $15,626
J $24,908 $22,992 $21,555 $20,597 $19,160 $16,286 $13,891
Okay $19,100 $17,668 $16,713 $15,758 $14,803 $13,370 $11,938

In case your funds’s no longer restricted, steer clear of purchasing diamonds with decrease readability. Typically, your perfect select is an SI1 diamond, however you will have to read about it for obvious imperfections.

A transparent minimize is a crucial characteristic of five.5 carat diamond rings and influences many different facets of a diamond ring. Opting for a well-cut diamond for a minimal score of AGS 000 will spare you from purchasing a lifeless gem. Right here’s a chart of five.5 carat diamond rings relating to their minimize shapes.

5-Carat Diamond Options and Costs

Form of minimize Face-up measurement Dimensions Worth vary
Spherical 96.95 mm2 11.11 × 11.11 × 6.7 mm $38,250 to $613,850
Oval 105.3 mm2 13.88 × 9.25 × 5.64 mm $35,330 to $400,560
Princess 88.75 mm2 9.42 × 9.42 × 6.78 mm $34,060 to $141,600
Emerald 91.8 mm2 11.42 × 8.46 × 5.5 mm $44,000 to $311,376
Cushion 89.3 mm2 9.96 × 9.96 × 6.37 mm $40,400 to $325,087
Asscher 84.8 mm2 9.6 × 9.6 × 6.24 mm $42,350 to $243,600
Pear 105.25 mm2 15.47 × 9.32 × 5.69 mm $51,200 to $417,690
Marquise 111.95 mm2 17.76 × 8.88 × 5.42 mm $54,180 to $463,890
Radiant 92.75 mm2 9.88 × 9.88 × 6.32 mm $30,390 to $319,940
Center 90.65 mm2 11.22 × 11.22 × 6.73 mm $48,310 to $279,700
Trillion 108.52mm² 13.23 × 13.23 × 5.29 mm Uncommon as a central stone

Little or no 5.5 carat diamond rings have a great minimize, and so they value a luxurious value after they do. Believe all of those high quality grades when purchasing any such huge diamond. Dressed in a 5.50 carat engagement ring will let the one you love really feel the burden of the hoop on their hand.

Guidelines for Discovering the Best 5.50 Carat Diamond Ring

5.5 Carat Asscher Cut Diamond ring

Perfection doesn’t exist, nevertheless it’s imaginable to discover a 5.5 carat diamond ring just about it. Even probably the most skilled diamond mavens have come throughout only some. On the other hand, sudden your vital different with an outstanding and uncommon diamond ring can also be an achievable objective. Listed below are a couple of useful pointers when purchasing for a 5.50 carat engagement ring.

  • Set a cheap funds to hide the finer main points of opting for a 5.5 carat diamond.
  • Don’t fail to remember the diamond’s minimize, because it determines its value and look.
  • A single-diamond surroundings highlights the diamond perfect
  • A bigger measurement way extra sparkle.
  • Opt for a lab-created diamond or a halo surroundings in case you are on the cheap.
  • Assess the diamond’s readability stage to make sure a close-to-flawless look.
  • Pick out a diamond whose colour is H and above, with a G grade on the most sensible for an icy glimmer.

A 5.5 carat diamond is certain to catch the attention. Discovering an ideal 5.50ct diamond engagement ring is tricky, nevertheless it isn’t science fiction. A perfect diamond ring acquire is the easiest steadiness between your funds and the includes a 5.50ct carat engagement ring supplies. What is sure is that any such ring makes a wonderful and treasured ownership and can can the one you love really feel peculiar.

5.50 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 5.50 Overall Carat Weight

14143 5.5 carat vintage French Holliswood round brilliant cut diamond Ring

Many confuse the ideas of a carat weight (CW)and overall carat weight (TCW) when purchasing 5.5 carat diamond rings. Carat weight (CW) is a weight of a unmarried stone. In relation to maximum 5.5 carat diamond rings, the 5.5 refers back to the worth of the one stone the hoop options. At Property Diamond Jewellery, we worth our 5.50ct diamond rings’ weight based totally most effective at the central diamond.

TCW combines the burden of all diamonds in a multi-stone ring. Those come with the central stone, the smaller diamonds within the halo, and those at the ring’s shoulders. Moreover, some 5.5 carat diamond rings characteristic coloured gemstones like rubies, sapphires, or emeralds, as well as, to the central 5.5 carat diamond. The entire weight of those rings is named “overall gem weight.” All of those measurements have an effect on the cost of the engagement ring, relying on its particular options.

5.50 Carat Diamond Form and Cuts

It’s no longer simple to select the easiest 5.50ct diamond engagement ring. There are many other designs for those distinctive jewellery items, and each and every one is particular.

A 5.50 carat diamond ring can range dramatically in measurement and form. For those who’re on a quest to shop for a singular one, you will have to perceive the fundamentals of five.5 carat diamond ring design. Opting for a surroundings taste and the diamond’s minimize is necessary to getting the easiest ring.

Here’s a fast roundup of five.5 carat diamond rings’ shapes and cuts.

5.5 Carat Oval Lower Diamond

77503 Salamanca 5 Carat Oval Diamond Engagement Ring

Think you need a budget-smart possibility that appears as sumptuous as rings with extra really extensive carat weight. If that’s the case, an oval minimize is your best choice. It’s attention-capturing and stylish. Believe them in case your spouse prefers a romantic, female design with a wonderful sparking capability.

The oval form visually complements the hoop’s measurement. They’re one of the in style cuts for five.5 carat diamond rings. This minimize offers the engagement ring an advanced, elongated glance that flatters any finger. Celebrities like Ariana Grande, Kourtney Kardashian, Serena Williams, and Blake Vigorous have sported oval-cut engagement rings and contributed to this taste’s rising reputation.

5.5 Carat Cushion Lower Diamond

25358 Bellmore Cushion cut diamond engagement Ring

Cushion minimize diamonds deliver vintage enchantment to this ring, which sports activities an elongated rectangle base with comfortable, rounded edges. An in depth minimize like that is easiest should you’re in search of a hoop that’s all about shine and comfortable mild from the interior. It’s often referred to as the “pillow minimize.”

Cushion minimize diamonds’ historical past is without doubt one of the longest. This beautiful design was once in style within the 18th century and was once known as “the mine minimize” again then. On the other hand, it got here again to reputation up to now few years as a best choice for many who love to channel the “outdated cash” vibes with their jewellery. A cushion minimize 5.5ct diamond engagement ring seems simply as stunning in trendy settings because it does in antique settings.

5.5 Carat Emerald Lower Diamond

D3176 Winona 5 carat emerald cut diamond engagement Ring

Emerald minimize rings channel the Artwork Deco design, which is why antique taste enthusiasts adore this form. It sports activities an oblong step-cut with an open desk and cropped corners. On the other hand, the facility of this diamond minimize taste lies extra in its “hall-of-mirrors” impact than the internal shine. Because of its lengthy silhouette and angular form, this minimize of a 5.5. carat diamond highlights its readability. The angularity additionally dramatically catches the sunshine and breaks it in fascinating tactics. Elizabeth Taylor, Jennifer Lopez, and Angelina Jolie are only some celebrities that have been noticed dressed in this particular minimize.

The emerald minimize 5.5ct diamond engagement ring seems stunning on any person’s palms, particularly if you select a vertical one. It elegantly elongates the palms and makes them seem narrow. Bear in mind when purchasing an emerald minimize 5.5 carat diamond engagement ring that this form is all about readability. It doesn’t sparkle up to different shapes, so imagine what you’re aiming for ahead of opting for this form.

5.5 Carat Spherical Good Lower Diamond

RJ2506 Beckton Vintage round Brilliant Diamond Ring

Think you might be in search of a brilliantly shiny engagement piece that at all times glitters. If that’s the case, you gained’t pass over a spherical, brilliant-cut 5.5-carat diamond ring. Those rings additionally fall underneath the costliest class of five.5 carat engagement rings, so be ready to speculate.

The spherical minimize has the entirety. It’s the one diamond form that will get the easiest Triple Superb Lower Grade score. It’s precisely what the title says: a spherical 5.5 carat brilliant-cut diamond shining with undying class. This minimize could also be fashionable, so chances are high that you understand anyone with an engagement ring that includes this form.

Its easy design highlights the diamond’s sparkle and makes it outshine the hoop’s different options. The shine is its hallmark characteristic, and a 5.5 carat diamond ring seems surprising on this taste.

5.5 Carat Asscher Lower Diamond

SB8908 Genesee /sscher Cut Engagement Ring

For those who’re searching for an eccentric number of a 5.5 carat diamond ring, then his surprising minimize is for you. Asscher minimize diamond rings glance very similar to the emerald minimize however have a sq. form as an alternative of an oblong one. They even have a upper crown and a extra distinguished step side, which provides to their forte. Those rings are for the fashion-conscious and feature made their approach into popular culture. “Intercourse and the Town” options an Asscher minimize diamond engagement ring throughout Carrie Bradshaw’s transient engagement to Aidan Shaw.

This horny minimize’s hallmark characteristic is generating high quality brilliance. Asscher minimize 5.5ct diamond rings generate spectacular shine and sparkle, in contrast to many different diamond cuts. Diamond mavens frequently describe its glimmer as an “never-ending hallway with reflective mirrors.” On the other hand, this minimize is in need of readability because of the flat desk of the stone. For those who set your eye on an Asscher minimize, go for a stone with a minimum of a VS2 readability grade.

5.5 Carat Marquise Lower Diamond

Marquise Cut Diamond ring

Marquise minimize 5.5 carat diamond rings have an almond form akin to a watch. Those diamonds are top in brilliance and feature a colourful historical past. The tale says that Louis XV commissioned the Marquise minimize to resemble his primary mistress’ lips. Again then, the Marquise minimize was once reserved just for royalty, and plenty of thrilling tales affiliate the minimize with romance and want. In trendy occasions, celebrities like Ashlee Simpson, Victoria Beckham, and Catherine Zeta-Jones have all sported a marquise minimize engagement ring.

Those 5.5ct diamond rings’ crown has probably the most biggest surfaces amongst in style shapes. Marquise minimize diamonds have a slim and pointed form and are altered shiny diamonds. Marvel your particular anyone with a Marquise minimize 5.5 carat engagement ring if they like a graceful design.

Those rings appear bigger than they’re and provides an extended, slimmer look to the wearer’s palms. Those cuts evoke old-world class and provides a glamorous attract to the entire glance. For those who suppose your spouse would admire a 5.5 carat diamond ring with a fascinating attract, this stone form is your best choice.

Professionals and Cons of a Antique 5.50-Carat Ring

5.5 carat vintage emerald cut diamond engagement ring

Antique 5.50 carat diamond rings are extraordinarily uncommon. Whilst handcrafting achieved within the early twentieth century doesn’t have the clean-cut high quality of recent diamonds, antique diamonds’ worth is unquestionable. You’ll make a selection many historical kinds and cuts to your spouse, from around the Georgian Technology to in style Artwork Deco designs. Listed below are some execs of shopping for a antique 5.50 carat engagement ring:

  • A antique ring’s good looks lies in its imperfections and imprecision, giving them a singular enchantment.
  • There are lots of era-specific kinds and cuts to choose between.
  • They’re less expensive than trendy, clean-cut 5.50ct diamond rings, making them a budget-wise possibility.
  • Antique 5.5 carat diamond rings frequently have a wealthy historical past and upload a tale to the hoop.
  • They have got a top stage of intricate element.
  • They’re extra environmentally pleasant.
  • Antique 5.50ct rings have confirmed sturdiness and lasting good looks.
  • The diamonds’ high quality is extra delicate, offering quite a lot of horny colours.
  • They’re conflict-free and ethically sourced.

On the other hand, antique 5.50 carat diamond rings even have a couple of shortcomings. Trendy era has made it more uncomplicated to chop diamonds exactly, so antique stones would possibly not appear as sharply minimize. For those who’re making an allowance for purchasing a antique 5.50 carat engagement ring, you will have to additionally imagine its damaging issues:

  • Antique 5.50 carat diamond rings don’t supply as a lot sparkle as trendy ones.
  • Their colour vary isn’t as shiny.
  • Whilst sturdy, antique 5.50ct diamond rings frequently display indicators of wear.
  • They require subtle repairs.

Antique 5.5 carat engagement rings don’t seem to be for everybody. Whilst their high quality isn’t as polished as in trendy diamond rings, they have got distinctive benefits. Opting for a antique 5.50ct diamond ring to your spouse is an issue of private desire. We optimistically helped you make a decision if it’s your cup of tea.

Communicate to an Knowledgeable

Afshin and Customer in Showroom Ring in Finger

Purchasing a 5.5 carat diamond ring to your engagement isn’t a mild choice. It could be perfect if you thought about various factors ahead of purchasing one since those diamonds are one in all a type. Moreover, they fall into the class of the costliest diamonds on the planet, so that you will have to spend money on them correctly.

If you’ll be able to’t make a decision by yourself, seek the advice of a diamond knowledgeable. For any further questions on purchasing a 5.5 carat diamond ring, fill out the shape underneath. Considered one of our diamond mavens will achieve out to you once imaginable.