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Purchasing a three.5-carat diamond engagement ring is a large funding, which is why you must take your time. This newsletter will give you the entire knowledge you want about 3.5-carat diamond rings, together with how large they in fact are and what sort of you’ll be able to be expecting to pay for them. We’ll additionally provide you with some nice tips about learn how to to find the three.50-carat diamond ring of your desires.

How Large Is a three.5-Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

13928 Osborne 3.5 carat Diamond Engagement Ring

Ahead of we get into how large a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring is, we will be able to wish to distinguish a diamond’s measurement and weight. A diamond’s measurement refers to its measurements, or its peak and width, whilst a diamond’s carat weight is made up our minds via how a lot the diamond weighs in grams. One carat is simplest 0.20 grams, this means that {that a} 5-carat diamond ring weighs roughly 1 gram. In relation to 3.50-carat diamonds, they weigh 0.70 grams.

A 1-carat diamond may also be 5.9 mm vast, however it may also be 6.8 mm vast, relying on its lower. That’s why it can pay to all the time have a look at the diamond’s measurements, now not simply its carat weight. Right here’s a chart with various kinds of diamond shapes and their corresponding dimensions.

Diamond Measurement via Reduce

Diamond Reduce Dimensions  Face-up measurement (in sq. mm)
Oval  12.32 × 8.21 × 5.01 mm 82.94 mm²
Spherical shiny  9.87 × 9.87 × 5.95 mm 76.51 mm²
Emerald  10.14 × 7.51 × 4.88 mm 72.34 mm²
Cushion  8.85 × 8.85 × 5.66 mm 70.49 mm²
Pear  13.73 × 8.27 × 5.04 mm 82.89 mm²
Marquise  15.78 × 7.89 × 4.81 mm 88.40 mm²
Asscher  8.52 × 8.52 × 5.50 mm  66.78 mm²

As you’ll be able to see, a three.5-carat diamond may also be 12 mm lengthy, however it may also be 8 mm lengthy. It’s because some diamonds raise their weight in peak, whilst others raise their weight in width. The very best length-to-width ratio is between 1.0 and 1.1, which may also be completed with a around brilliant-cut diamond. In line with the desk, the scale of a around brilliant-cut diamond are 9.87 × 9.87 × 5.95 mm, which equals 76.51 mm². That is the most efficient ratio and lower for a three.5-carat diamond rings.

To talk about whether or not a three.5-carat diamond ring is just too large to your finger or simply the best measurement, we’ll first have to head over ring sizes (or finger sizes). Ring sizes cross from 3 to 13.5. The common ring measurement for girls is 6, which is 16.45 mm in diameter.

Skilled Tip: Why is your ring measurement vital within the first position? Diamond jewellery mavens declare that for a diamond ring to be in very best share for your finger, it must take in no less than 50% of your finger’s width. When you put on a measurement 6 or 6.5, a three.50-carat diamond ring will take in about 57.3% of the width of your finger.

That is excellent for many who need a diamond that can stand out. So should you put on a measurement 6, as within the instance above, a three.50-carat engagement ring would glance very best for your finger.

How A lot Does a three.5 Carat Diamond Ring Price?

14109 Stratton 3.5 carat diamond vintage engagement Ring

A three.50-carat diamond ring can price from $7,700 to $105,270. The rationale it’s difficult to resolve an exact worth is that many components can affect the whole price. Those components are referred to as the “4 Cs,” they usually refer to paint, readability, lower, and carat weight. Most of the people prioritize a diamond’s carat weight with out figuring out the significance of the opposite 3 Cs.

Extra continuously than now not, a diamond’s colour and readability can affect the associated fee much more than the carat weight. The colours are graded in response to the Gemological Institute Of The us’s D-Z readability scale, with probably the most fascinating diamonds having D, E, and F colour grades. When it comes to readability, you’ll need to search for very somewhat integrated (VS1 and VS2) and really, very somewhat integrated (VVS1 and VVS2) diamonds.

This chart will provide you with a greater concept of what you’ll be able to be expecting to pay for a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring.

Colour Vary SI2 Readability VS2 Readability VVS2 Readability
Ok Colour $32,069 $41,187 $47,310
J Colour $40,888 $49,978 $55,280
I Colour $47,342 $57,630 $66,788
H Colour $50,065 $72,885 $83,165
G Colour $57,941 $87,086 $103,872
F Colour $63,341 $91,829 $117,698
E Colour $67,457 $98,580 $139,230
D Colour  $74,446 $108,412 $167,383

Those aren’t mounted costs, as they rely on many components, now not simply the 4 Cs. As an example, the rarity of the diamond and its total high quality too can build up the associated fee to a perfect extent. Needless to say those costs discuss with round-cut diamonds. The around shiny lower is the most costly diamond lower, however we’ll get to that later.

As you’ll be able to see, probably the most inexpensive 3.5-carat diamond ring has a Ok colour and SI2 readability. The priciest 3.5-carat diamond rings have a D colour and VVS2 readability.


13999 Stafford Ring. Circa 1910 side view

Not like coloured gem stones, a diamond is extra precious if it presentations much less colour. In truth, the easiest diamond is totally colorless. To know how a diamond’s colour is priced, we’ll wish to undergo GIA’s colour grading scheme. The colour grades get started with the letter D and cross the entire option to the letter Z. There are not any A, B, or C grades.

A diamond will have one of the vital following colour grades:

  • D, E, and F – colorless
  • G, H, I, and J – close to colorless
  • Ok, L, and M – faint
  • N, O, P, Q, and R – very gentle
  • S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, and Z – gentle

Most jewellery retail outlets be offering diamonds with D to Ok colours, as anything else lower than that isn’t regarded as precious. Needless to say it’s very onerous to inform the variation between some colour grades. As an example, a G colour diamond can have lines of yellow and brown, however they are able to simplest be noticed with a microscope. In different phrases, even if a G colour diamond is categorized as “close to colorless,” you received’t be capable of see any lines of colour with the bare eye.

That is vital for individuals who need to purchase a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring with out breaking the financial institution. When you don’t purchase a diamond from the D-F colour class, you could possibly discover a extra inexpensive choice.


13538 Boudry Art Deco Cushion Cut Diamond Engagement Ring. Circa 1920

Readability is some other vital issue that may affect the diamond’s overall worth. It determines the absence of inside inclusions and blemishes throughout the diamond’s construction. The less inclusions a diamond has, the extra worth it carries. In line with GIA’s readability scale, a diamond will have one of the vital following readability grades:

  • Flawless (FL)
  • Internally flawless (IF)
  • Very, very somewhat integrated (VVS1 and VVS2)
  • Very somewhat integrated (VS1 and VS2)
  • Fairly integrated (SI1 and SI2)
  • Incorporated (I1, I2, and I3)

Flawless and internally flawless diamonds are probably the most fascinating kinds of diamonds, which might be additionally very onerous to come back via. That’s why maximum jewelers be offering VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, and SI2 readability diamonds. Despite the fact that they arrive with some inclusions, maximum of them are microscopic.

As an example, you’ll be able to pay a lot much less cash for a VVS2 readability 3.50-carat diamond in comparison to an FL or IF 3.50-carat diamond. What’s extra, you wouldn’t be capable of inform the variation between the 2. You’ll be able to simplest see lines of inclusions underneath 10x magnification.

When you’re on the cheap however you’re involved in 3.5-carat diamond rings, goal for a diamond with a decrease readability grade.

Ahead of you get started on the lookout for 3.5-carat diamond rings, listed here are a couple of guidelines that mean you can make a greater acquire:

1. Be aware of Readability

Examining a 3.5 carat diamond with loupe

The larger the diamond is, the extra its imperfections will likely be visual to the bare eye. In fact, you wish to have to discover a diamond with a prime readability grade. A diamond with a big desk finds extra blemishes than a smaller one. To not point out that one of these diamond can be reasonably dear. So, while you go on a spree for a three.50-carat diamond ring, be sure to search for one with a just right readability score.

2. Get a Certificates

Loose Diamond with Certificate

At all times ask for a diamond certificates, particularly should you’re getting a diamond of a giant carat weight. It’s perfect to search for GIA certificate, which might be dispensed via the Gemological Institute of The us. You’ll be able to additionally seek for an AGS (American Gem Society) diamond certificates, which is the following perfect factor. Respected jewelers could have some roughly diamond certificates, and they’re most often to be had upon request.

3. Come to a decision on a Environment

3.5 Carat Cushion Cut Diamond Ring

3.5-carat diamond rings are huge on their very own since they’re 9.75 mm in diameter. That’s why they arrive with and with out accessory stones. If you wish to have a three.50-carat engagement ring that would be the focus, you must take a look at on the lookout for a solitaire ring. However should you don’t thoughts the additional sparkle, you’ll be able to additionally discover a 3.50-carat diamond ring with a halo or aspect stones. Simply observe that it is going to come at a better worth.

4. To find the Proper Reduce

13245 Cascais 3.5 carat diamond Ring

Select a lower that can convey out the glint and brilliance of the diamond. The most efficient lower for a three.50-carat diamond ring is the around shiny lower. This lower is made to replicate gentle from the stone for your view completely. The around shiny lower may be the preferred lower for diamond rings. Different cuts that make the diamond sparkle come with the princess, radiant, cushion, oval, and pear cuts. The cuts that supply the least brilliance are the emerald and Asscher cuts.

5. Store Round

Customers examining vintage engagement ring in showroom

Discovering a three.50-carat diamond ring isn’t simple as a result of they’re so uncommon. The preferred diamond measurement is 1 carat. The larger the diamond is, the more difficult it’s to search out one. That’s why it’s vital to have endurance. Search for 3.5-carat diamond rings in prestigious jewellery retail outlets. You may additionally be capable of to find 3.5-carat diamond rings in personal collections.

6. Discover a Respected Jeweler

Afshin Negotiating prices on vintage ring at estate diamond jewelry showroom

When making a purchase order as huge as a three.5 carat diamond ring, buying from a depended on jeweler is significant. Be sure to discover a respected jeweler who will mean you can to find what you’re on the lookout for and will resolution any questions you’ve gotten. Specifically, should you plan on buying groceries on-line, take care to analyze the seller earlier than making your acquire.

7. Imagine a Antique Ring

Vintage Cartier 72000 Finger

Imagine taking a look at some antique 3.5-carat diamond rings if you wish to have one thing distinctive. Despite the fact that antique 3.5-carat diamond rings are uncommon, they’re one among a type, and they’ve a undying appeal. We’ll speak about antique 3.5-carat diamond rings later.

Store 3.5 Carat Diamond Rings

3.5 Carat Weight (CW) vs. 3.5 General Carat Weight (TCW)

loose diamonds on gray background

When you’re making plans to shop for a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring, you must know the variation between carat weight (CW) and overall carat weight (TCW). When you discover a diamond ring with accessory stones that you simply like, and you notice the whole carat weight is 3.50, this doesn’t follow to the middle stone’s carat weight on my own. Quite, it refers back to the weight of the middle diamond plus the extra stones.

You’ll find a diamond engagement ring with a three.50-carat label, however the heart stone simplest has 1.50 carats, which may well be a deal breaker for lots of. That is one thing you’ve gotten to concentrate on if you wish to have a halo-style or three-stone diamond engagement ring. Be certain that the hoop’s description states the carat weight of the middle stone, now not all the diamond.

3.5-Carat Diamond Form and Cuts

After you make a decision which carat weight you wish to have your diamond to have, the following issue to search for is the lower. A diamond’s lower must take precedence over colour and readability as a result of it might resolve how all the ring will glance. When you’re out there for three.5-carat diamond rings, listed here are the diamond cuts to search for.

3.50-Carat Oval-Reduce Diamond

Oval Cut Brilliant Diamond

The oval lower is the easiest answer for many who like longer cuts however nonetheless need to handle the brilliance of the around lower. An oval-cut diamond has the similar selection of aspects as a round-cut diamond. An oval-cut 3.50-carat diamond is roughly 12.32 mm lengthy, so it is going to glance reasonably huge on a finger.

Their elongated tables cause them to glance extra chic. When you’re on the lookout for a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring with an oval lower, you’ll be capable of to find each solitaire rings and halo-style rings. What’s extra, the oval lower can create an phantasm of size, making your finger seem longer.

3.50-Carat Spherical Sensible-Reduce Diamond

Brilliant Cut Diamond on Grey Background

As we mentioned earlier than, the around shiny lower is the preferred diamond lower. With its 58 aspects, a around shiny lower could make the diamond sparkle greater than another lower. What additionally makes the around shiny lower so fascinating is that it seems to be nice on any finger form and measurement.

You’ll be able to to find 3.50-carat around brilliant-cut diamonds in a wide variety of kinds and settings, from conventional solitaire settings to gorgeous halo-style settings. The around shiny lower is a vintage, and it is going to by no means cross out of favor. The common size of a around brilliant-cut 3.50-carat diamond is 9.87 mm.

3.50-Carat Emerald-Reduce Diamond

Loose Emerald Cut Diamond

When you favor square-shaped diamonds, the emerald lower may well be for you. It has an oblong form, chiseled step cuts, and big tables. Diamonds with emerald cuts seem larger than round-cut diamonds, even if they’ve the similar carat weight. As an example, whilst a three.50-carat round-cut diamond is 9.87 mm lengthy, an emerald-cut diamond with 3.50 carats is 10.14 mm lengthy.

Emerald-cut diamonds most often come at an inexpensive worth in comparison to round-cut diamonds. They give the impression of being perfect on the ones with skinny, narrow palms. Word that emerald-cut diamonds are much less sparkly than round-cut diamonds. So, should you’re on the lookout for a flashy diamond, the emerald lower is probably not for you.

3.50-Carat Cushion-Reduce Diamond

Brilliant Cushion Cut Diamond

A three.50-carat cushion-cut diamond is 8.85 mm lengthy. Cushion-cut diamonds are smaller than round-cut diamonds of the similar carat weight as maximum different diamond cuts. Those diamonds have rounded corners and bigger aspects. Cushion-cut diamonds have turn into reasonably common lately.

Because it’s like a mix of the emerald lower and the around shiny lower, this sort of lower makes a diamond appear to be a cushion, therefore the identify. This can be a conventional diamond lower that was once reasonably common within the 18th and nineteenth centuries, so it has a particular antique genre. It’s additionally the modernized model of the vintage old-mine lower.

3.50-Carat Pear-Reduce Diamond

Diamond Bow Tie Effect in Pea - Shape 1 Carat

Because of its elongated form, the pear lower provides a diamond extra size in comparison to the around lower. A diamond with a pear lower measures 13.73 mm, so it is going to glance probably the most flattering on lengthy palms. Because it narrows to a sharp finish, the pear lower could make your finger glance slimmer, so it’s nice for thick palms as smartly.

The pear lower is every so often known as the teardrop lower. Diamonds that experience a pear form are available in a wide variety of settings. Despite the fact that most often prong-set, pear-cut diamonds may also be present in halo-style settings.

3.50-Carat Marquise-Reduce Diamond

bowtie on marquise cut diamond

The marquise lower is the longest diamond form. A three.50-carat diamond with a marquise lower measures about 15.78 mm in size. It’s now not simplest their measurement that makes them so fascinating however their royal look as smartly. It’s price citing that marquise-cut diamonds are most often extra budget-friendly than around brilliant-cut diamonds.

The marquise lower may be often referred to as the Navette lower. It has an oval desk with two pointed ends. Like the entire different east-to-west design diamonds, a marquise-cut diamond could make your finger glance longer. It’s the easiest diamond lower for a bride on the lookout for one thing a bit of bit other.

3.50-Carat Asscher-Reduce Diamond

Asscher Cut Diamond on Grey Background

The Asscher lower has a novel symmetrical look that was once reasonably common within the Artwork Deco generation. If you wish to have a three.50-carat Asscher-cut diamond, it is going to be about 8.52 mm lengthy, making it smaller than the around shiny lower and maximum different cuts. It has an octagonal form and 58 huge step aspects.

Word that Asscher-cut diamonds may also be pricier than different diamond cuts. That’s as a result of simplest diamonds of the very best quality are selected for the Asscher lower since this diamond form can’t disguise imperfections just like the around shiny lower. What’s extra, it’s now not as glossy as the bright lower.

Professionals and Cons for a Antique 3.5-Carat Diamond Ring

When you’re on the lookout for a three.50-carat engagement ring, you must additionally consider getting a antique ring. Listed below are one of the crucial maximum vital professionals and cons of antique 3.5-carat diamond rings.

Professionals of Antique 3.5-Carat Diamond Rings

13452 stockton vintage 3.5 carat diamond ring
  • Antique 3.5-carat diamond rings are all one among a type. All antique engagement rings are no less than 50 years outdated and as much as 100 years outdated, this means that they’re all hand-crafted. As a substitute of having that particular anyone a newly made diamond from a lab, you’ll be capable of purchase a antique ring that nobody else has.
  • Antique engagement rings are extra symbolic, they usually can have a whole tale at the back of them.
  • When you’re on the lookout for a budget-friendly 3.50-carat diamond ring, you’ll be capable of discover a higher worth with a antique ring. Some retail outlets even permit you to negotiate for a lower cost.
  • Antique engagement rings are eco-friendly.
  • Since antique engagement rings had been made the usage of out of date equipment, you received’t to find antique cuts and settings in new rings. As an example, as an alternative of the around shiny lower, you’ll to find the outdated Eu lower, which has a extra conventional appeal.

Cons of Antique 3.5-Carat Diamond Rings

14015 Colborne 3.5 carat diamond Ring
  • 3.50-carat diamond engagement rings are very onerous to search out since they’re so uncommon. You’ll must be affected person if you want to have a antique engagement ring.
  • Antique engagement rings can have belonged to anyone else prior to now. Some brides received’t need a used engagement ring. They like new engagement rings that simplest they’ll put on.
  • Some antique 3.5-carat diamond rings don’t sparkle up to their newly produced opposite numbers.
  • The steel settings would possibly display indicators of wear and tear and tear, however that may simply be mounted.
Benjamin Khordipour in Estate Diamond Jewelry Showroom

Looking for a three.50-carat diamond engagement ring isn’t simple, which is why you must communicate to a diamond professional. When you’re involved in 3.5-carat diamond rings, Property Diamond Jewellery provides a shocking choice of antique engagement rings. Be happy to touch us should you’re involved in any of those rings. And if you want to look a hoop in particular person, you’ll be able to additionally time table an appointment.